Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Comeback

A pop singer stages a career comeback from a country estate as the bodies start mysteriously piling up in this 70s thriller. I don't know an awful lot about Jack Jones, but he reminds me a little of a not-very-edgy Scott Walker.

In fact, the plot of The Comeback seems to borrow a little from Scott Walker's career, only with fewer Jacques Brel songs and rotting, maggoty corpses. Well, I'm not sure how many corpses figure into Scott Walker's career, but I do know he's punched some meat in his time.

OK, so Scott Walker didn't actually punch the meat, but he was directly involved with meat punching.

Anyway, Jack Jones runs around in a revealing bathrobe much of the time as a corpse rots in a stairwell, and Bosley from Charlie's Angels is kind of a douche. Everybody seems to be a villain from the jump, and the ending isn't much of a surprise.

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