Saturday, November 29, 2014

Full Moon High

Bob Sagat stars in this comedy-horror film where he has an almost nude scene no one asked for, and then Ed McMahon wrestles a live chicken on an airplane. Adam Arkin turns into an unconvincing werewolf, playfully nips several of his fellow 30-year old high school students, and eats Alpo out of a dog dish.

Then there's some roller disco, a guy in an ape costume, and hundreds of really terrible jokes. Full Moon High is tedious, boring, and awful.

I was going to post a trailer from Full Moon High, but when I searched Youtube for one, the only results were for a music video by Bon Jovi and trailers for Twilight, both of which I find completely unacceptable, so you'll just have to take my word for how awful Full Moon High was. Since all those things are really lousy, enjoy this music video my Mr. Oizo, directed by Eric Wareheim and starring John C. Reilly.

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