Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Germ Z

After a military satellite crashes near a remote town, townsfolk become fast-moving zombies for some reason in this mediocre zombie film. Featuring inconsistent sound levels, shaky camerawork, and a tedious small-town love affair, Germ Z also has a chunky, eyeball-squirting post-mortem, someone getting beat to death with a severed arm, and zombies whose brains explode out of the tops of their heads in an interesting, but not fully explained or satisfactorily explored, twist to the genre. If the zombies will turn on one another once they're killed, there's a limited number of townspeople available to be infected, and it's only a matter of time before their brainstems shoot out of the their skulls like a handful of Mentos shoved in a two-liter of Diet Pepsi, wouldn't someone just barricade themselves somewhere safe with a couple of boxes of Little Debbies until the whole thing blows over later that afternoon? That's what I would do. Anyway, I give it a Meh for effort.

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