Monday, April 25, 2011

Duran Duran: Unstaged: A Good One #61

A full-length Duran Duran concert video filmed and directed by David Lynch. Featuring many songs from their critically acclaimed new album, several fan favorites, and some abstract weirdness from David Lynch. Also features a few bum notes, floating disembodied heads, and the occasional fork. Fans of Lynch may find it isn't quite weird enough, and fans of the band may complain they're obscured through most of the concert by smoke or flames or what-have-you. Still, it's an interesting experiment. Here's a clip, and several others can be seen at Vevo. I was going to post A View To A Kill which has producer Mark Ronson on guitar, a female string quartet, and a nice homage to John Barry; but I thought this was a better performance.

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