Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satan's Sadists: Terrible Movies #93

Bikers drug a couple who are picnicking, rape the girl, then shove their car over a steep rocky cliff because that's generally where people picnic. Violent motorcycle-based nonsensical desert high jinks ensue. You can tell the bikers are misunderstood counter-culture figures who have something to say because they wear jean jackets with the sleeves torn off, they just happen to kill people sometimes. There's broadly drawn stereotypes, choppy editing, gigantic eyelashes, a half-hearted fight scene, and dune-buggies. There's a moment of cafe table-top boogying that seems to last for 6 days, and about 6 pages of script. Sometimes the camera zooms in and out of focus, and you wish it would stay that way. A never-ending nightmare, and it's on Netflix Instant Streaming.

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