Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Assignment Terror

Michael Rennie from The Day The Earth Stood Still kind of stars in this film about, uh, something. Murders seem to happen at the carnival sideshow, then there's some unconvincing open heart surgery with a throbbing plastic heart, and some vampire eye surgery. Then I accidentally saw that a friend of mine on Facebook posted some very dramatic photos of funnel clouds down the street from their house and I missed some big chunks of movie. Accidentally. There was something about a laboratory with lots of beakers, and a Franken-something monster with glued on eyebrows and sideburns, and a mummy, and a werewolf, and Dracula. I don't know why. I half expected Michael Rennie to say Klaatu-something or other. He doesn't, and then the movie was over. I sort of watched Assignment Terror on Youtube, and I regret nothing. Here's a trailer:

Hey, that looks pretty good. It isn't.

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