Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Horror On Snape Island

Four hippies journey to Snape Island and find horrors in this hippie filled film. Featuring a severed hand with a crab crawling on it, a severed head rolling down castle stairs, and dialogue like "Far out!" and "Some people get vibes.". Someone also gets stabbed through the butterfly decal on their t-shirt by a golden Phoenician spear, there's a nude-y montage with a golden scythe, some rear projection where someone's bell-bottoms blow gently in the breeze, and 5 minutes of continuous screaming. Also features that horror film mentality of leaving women alone where hideous murders took place only yesterday while the menfolk foolishly wander off to investigate every odd noise or circumstance, Horror on Snape Island is well shot but slightly dumb. And filled with hippies. I watched Horror On Snape Island on youtube. Here's a trailer:

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