Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sinister Urge

Young women are murdered in this lurid Ed Wood film about the dangers of the adult film racket that Ed Wood ironically finds himself a part of sometime after this film is made. Lacking the naive charm of Glen Or Glenda or Plan 9 From Outer Space, enduring The Sinister Urge is a tough slog. Here we go:

A woman dressed only in a bra, slip, and high heels makes a screechy phone call when she's grabbed by the rapist she's fleeing, then swingin' jazz plays on the soundtrack when the police discover her body by the river. Suddenly, there's a bosomy cheesecake photo session and the fuzz busts the place in an unconvincing vice raid. Meanwhile, a few cops sit around and talk while a boom is visible for like ever. Then there's a feedback-y microphone tone whenever one of the capri-wearing female cast members reads her lines and no one does anything about it. Back at the ice cream parlor, there's an unconvincing knife fight and some unconvincing eavesdropping as if two different movies were scotch-taped together, and some chick pushes an ice cream cone into some dudes face and she steals cash out of the register. We cut back to the capri-wearing chick who now wears a gold-lame negligee and gets into some rough necking, and I assume it's acting but it's hard to tell.

Here's the breakdown: There's wooden acting, bad editing and nearly every member of the cast forgets some portion of their lines but it doesn't matter because the script is terrible. You'll also see stabbings, drownings, and someone feeds some ducks. Naturally someone in an Ed Wood film cross-dresses, someone hides a gun under a pillow, someone unconvincingly rolls down a hill, someone gets shot, and then the movie ends. The Sinister Urge is awful, but the worst offense is that it's boring. Watch Plan 9 instead. I watched The Sinister Urge on youtube. Here's a trailer:

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