Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Frankenstein Island

4 corny guys in a hot-air balloon land on an island, and suddenly there's John Carradine super-imposed on the screen like one of those romantic photo portraits with someone's face in a wineglass. Like this:

Only worse. And with John Carradine.

Then suddenly, there's jungle bikini chicks. It's not very good. Then suddenly, there's dancing. It's not very good or brief. Then some pirates show up I think, and I'm only theorizing they're pirates because one of them wears an eye-patch. Then someone uses a skull for a bong. Then there's a brain under glass. It's not very good. Then suddenly, there are zombies I think, and I'm only guessing they're zombies because they're all hunched over and wearing turtleneck sweaters which is the officially unrecognized uniform of the walking dead, possibly. Then there's some kung fu, kind of, then I stopped caring about life, and the movies ends. Yeah.

I watched Frankenstein Island on youtube, and it's completely amazing if you're amazed by stuff that sucks. Here's a clip:

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