Thursday, January 10, 2013

85th Annual Academy Award Nominations

The 85th Annual Academy Award Nominations were announced this morning. I have only seen 2 of the nominated films, as that requires going to the theater and watching movies. I should start doing that. Every year I say to myself, "Stabford, you're pretty awesome. But you're also kind of busy. You should try to get out to the theater more often and watch movies. You know, out in public, amongst people. People who sit directly in front of you, or (even worse) near you, sharing the same armrest, kicking your chair, talking loudly, texting, opening packages of snacks, and chewing. It'll be fun!" and then I don't because all that stuff sucks.

Lincoln leads the nominations, and I've already seen one Lincoln movie this year and it had vampires in it. Actually, I'd rather skip all the Best Picture nominees, as they seem really depressing. One is about love, one is about melting ice caps, one is about slavery, one is about hostages, another is about the French Revolution, another is about a lifeboat, another is about football, another is about terrorism, and the last is about the Civil War. By no means do I watch chipper, cheerful films; but seriously, that's a bunch of grim stuff there.

Maybe I should start my own award show. Like maybe, "Stabford's First Annual Movie Awards That Are Entertaining And Relatively Well Made And Don't Leave You Depressed For A Week", but I don't think all of that will fit on a statuette.

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