Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ancient X-Files

Archaeologists attempt to unearth answers to some of history's mysteries in this National Geographic documentary series. While I would assume that a documentary with the words X-Files in it would be on the darker side of things, I still enjoyed it. Seriously, this documentary should have alien abductions and bees and mutants and government conspiracies and it doesn't. It has the Ark Of The Covenant. While the documentary was describing the Ark Of The Covenant for the third time, Mrs. Deathrage asked what the Ark Of The Covenant was. To be fair, she was playing some sort of game on her computer and wasn't paying close attention to the program, but of course I asked her if she had ever seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark. She couldn't remember if she had or not, which doesn't surprise me. She remembers every date of every thing that has ever happened, and I don't. I remember every movie I've ever seen, and she doesn't, so it's a trade-off. Anyway, I had to remind her that the Ark Of The Covenant is that big tacky golden box in our storage unit that she complains about because it doesn't go with our decor, and she finally remembered because archaeologists keep calling us about it.

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