Saturday, October 15, 2011

American Horror Story: A Good One #127

I'm not in the market for another television series. With the gradual realization that Ghost Hunters has been the exact same show for the past 6 or 7 seasons, I have abandoned television. Look, don't judge me. I know GH is an awful show. If you haven't noticed, watching supposedly scary stuff that sucks is kind of what I do. And don't start flaming me about the non-existence of ghosts or how reality TV sucks. I'm quite aware of all of those things. But what's not to like about the premise? It's about hunting ghosts in haunted locations. It should be creepy, and scary, and quite often it was not and like an idiot I tuned in anyway. Here's a clip:

Crap. Wasn't that just awful? Look at the art direction. That's an actual black tablecloth. They spared no expense. Being blatant self-promoters I'm actually surprised they didn't have a banner saying "Tune In To Ghost Hunters On Wednesday On SYFY". Clearly a missed opportunity. So, it was a guilty pleasure, and one of the last shows where I tuned in regularly. That's over now, and has been for a while. Sadly, that also means I have forsaken Family Guy, The Simpsons, Archer, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I still try to catch the occasional episode, but I'm not going to tune in just because that's when someone at some television station says I have to. Television is not the boss of me. I'll watch what I want when I want. I'm much too busy being awesome. If I miss an episode or 10, so be it.

I Hulu'd American Horror Story. Word on the street has generally been favorable, and many folks have called it 'disturbing'. It was fine. Maybe I'm just too jaded. I think they're trying too hard to titillate and not trying hard enough to scare ending up with an overall feeling of meh. Here's a link to the 'viral' website where you can explore the haunted house:

The show has all the ingredients needed for a good "old dark house" story; a creepy house, ghosts, and murder, but I probably won't tune in for additional episodes. Here is a clip of the opening credits:


  1. I finally caught the first two episodes and I thought it was genuinely creepy. Nip/Tuck became a joke (well, more of a joke than it already was), so this will probably too. But it's good so far in my book.

    You're not a fan of The Walking Dead at all?

  2. I haven't had a chance to check out The Walking Dead. Seems totally up my alley.