Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Empire Of The Ants: Terrible Movies #201

Joan Collins wears gauchos, rides a tram, uses a loudspeaker, and serves canapes to suckers wearing leisure suits in the hope that they buy beachfront property that's also conveniently located next to a mangrove swamp infested with gigantic radioactive ants whose heads looks suspiciously like overlarge coconuts. Special effects consist of 'ant-vision' and split-screen. Sets consist of a mangal, various tents, and picnic tables. Art direction consists of chafing dishes, paper plates and those colorful flags one might see at a used car lot (BTW, I looked those up on Google and I found out they're called pennant strings. You learn something new every day.). Costumes consist of leisure suits. So many leisure suits. Here's a clip. Warning! Not recommended for viewers afraid of swarming ants, polyester slacks, or bell-bottomed high-waisted jeans.

I watched it on Netflix Instant Streaming. Here's a trailer that's filled with ants and Joan Collins, both of whom seem to be screaming if you're into that sort of thing: