Sunday, October 30, 2011

Attack Of The Giant Leeches: Terrible Movies #208

Just a few hours to go until Halloween. I still have some candy corn to eat, and I haven't carved my pumpkin yet. Spent most of the day in the graveyard taking pictures of foliage. Yes, people do that. Last night I watched Drive-In Discs Vol. 1 which contains the films The Screaming Skull and Attack Of The Giant Leeches. The movies are just awful. The disc is very fun, however, where they try to recreate the drive-in movie experience. There's the sound of car tires on gravel and annoying chit-chat, plus a couple of cartoons, some previews, and an intermission. I enjoyed the DVD, but not the movie which featured very few giant leeches. Here's a trailer:

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