Monday, October 3, 2011

Maniac: Terrible Movies #198

I'd give you a synopsis of the plot, but I have no idea what Maniac is about. Here's what you'll see featured in this film: crypts, dead bodies, coffins, mad scientists, hammy overacting, strange accents, scenery chewing, maniacal laughter, a heart in a jar, objects blocking the shot during dialogue, abrupt and random intertitles, an extremely unlikely makeup case, suspect psychology, and a cat named Satan (who needed a stunt double) who eats the heart in a jar who then has his eye eaten by the mad scientist's assistant who is now impersonating the mad scientist after killing said mad scientist. Got it? Nope, I don't either. This film is a lot like Stonehenge. It's right there where everyone can see it, but no one knows why it's there or what it's supposed to do. Here's a clip:

My sentiments exactly. Watching that gives me darts of fire in my brain. What's happening here? What am I looking at? No one knows. Here's another clip that just as mysterious and intriguing:

Is this happening in the cellar of Stonehenge? Possibly. Again, no one knows. Anyway, I watched this dreck on Youtube, and I shouldn't have.


  1. HAHAHA! The Stonehenge bit was priceless. This is actually one of my favorite movies.

  2. Thanks. The movie was terrible, but I enjoyed it.