Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rockula: Terrible Movies #205

A vampire pines for the love of his life, but he must watch her be killed by a peg-legged pirate every 20 years in this musical featuring the talents of Toni Basil, Thomas Dolby and Bo Diddley. Amidst hideous music videos and abundant '80s cliches you'll see mullets, schtick, and bad lip syncing. Do we have a clip? I sure hope so:

"Oh Rockula, you're so bad, you're so bad you blow my mind. Hey, Rockula!". Here's another:

Whoa. The secret to a great rock-n-roll performance is to keep spinning so no one can see you can't play your instruments, I guess. Yikes. I watched it on Netflix, and unless you like overly-produced derivatively mundane 'rock' music, synthesizers, Linn drum, and wooden acting I would avoid it.

UPDATE: According to Wikipedia, this film was actually made in 1990. Really? And they chose to go with Thomas Dolby and Toni Basil? That's odd. They were a big draw in 1990. While it does have some Richard Marx-y, Roxette-y or Salt-n-Pepa-y moments, this movie seems at least 3-5 years out of step with the world.

Oops. According to Wikipedia, all those things happened in the '80s.

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