Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zombie Island Massacre: Terrible Movies #204

Plot: After some awkward humping, corny squares take a tour to an island in the middle of the night because that seems like the right thing to do, they watch a voodoo ceremony, then they're unconvincingly killed. I'm not sure why. Some plot mysteriously appears when the film is nearly over and it makes very little sense, but it doesn't really matter because anyone wanting to watch this movie is clearly wanting to see screaming bikini girls or ravenous zombie action. Viewers looking forward to screaming bikini girls or ravenous zombie action should look elsewhere, as there are very few bikini girls of any variety and almost no zombies to be found in this film. There's a naked girl in a shower for a minute, a guy dressed as a potted plant and the talk of cannibalism; but the shower girl scene disappoints, the potted plant guy disappears pretty quickly and the cannibalism never materializes. Avoid at all cost. I watched it on Netflix Instant Streaming. I would include a trailer, but all I could find were redbands so I'm skipping it.

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