Monday, October 24, 2011

Meatball Machine: Terrible Movies #207

It's difficult to tell, but I think the film Meatball Machine is about moist trilobites who journey from space to Japan where they possess people, turn the victims into low-budget Gigeresque androids, and make them kill and eat one another; and what makes it hard to tell is probably all of the tentacles. Hearts are eaten, heads are sawed in half, arteries spray, strange organs that are probably hand-puppets laugh, wiggle and glisten, gore covers everything, eyeballs are drilled, and viscous gels ooze. Very little sense is made. Although it's only about 90 minutes in length, it seems like it will never end. The overall effect is like watching a very sticky month long music video sans the music that stars the mutant offspring of GWAR and the Power Rangers that was directed by a very gooey David Cronenberg. Avoid, unless you're a fan of all the tentacles. I watched it on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Consider yourself lucky that there doesn't seem to be a trailer.

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