Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Invisible Man: A Good One #128

Here it is October 16th, and I've gotten very little Halloween done. The month is now half over. In two weeks I have only eaten 4 boxes of Halloween Pop-Tarts, 4 packages of Halloween Oroeos, 1 box of Kreepy Kakes, 1 bag of candy corn, and my bag of autumn M&Ms remain unopened. My Halloween Funfetti cake mix has not been baked. Trick or treat candy has not been purchased. Deathrage Tower has been partially decorated for this wonderful holiday, and I've only turned on my candy corn lights once. I zombie walked. I've only visited one graveyard, and I've only visited a handful of haunted houses. Not the cheezy attraction where a teenager covered in vampire blood chases you with a chainsaw after you buy a $15 ticket, but an actual supposedly haunted house. Halloween is serious (and delicious) business, you only get 31 days to do it, and I have a lot of work still to do.

My October monster movie viewing has really suffered. Out of my beloved Universal Monsters dvd box set, I've only watched The Wolf Man, and I Netflix'd that. So on this dark, rainy, windy and gloomy day, I decided it was best to watch The Invisible Man. I was right. Unmistakeably directed by the great James Whale, it's one of the best of the Universal Monsters films. Claude Rains howls, raves and cackles like a lunatic. Here's a clip:

It's available on Netflix Instant streaming. It's great.

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