Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dark Shadows. Again. Really?

I've watched another several hundred episodes of Dark Shadows. I can't stop. The episodes are occasionally in color now, and it's a drag. Well, they've always been a drag; now it's a drab, washed-out drag. Maggie was dead, now she's not. She thought she was Josette, now she doesn't. She has her memory, then she doesn't. Victoria thought she was Josette, too. Now she doesn't. All the while, people keep playing that damn music box over and over again.

The tune the music box plays is a sweet, tinkly, melodic nightmare and it makes me want to set fire to things. Every time the characters lift the lid of that music box, I start hunting for matches. I have to keep reminding myself that the music that little glass box plays is the soundtrack to a desperate girl's plunge from a cliff into the jagged rocks and crashing surf below Collinwood, and then I feel better about it.

Anyway, there's a brief moment in the series when Barnabas is going on about Victoria or Maggie or Josette or somebody, and a fly lands on his forehead and hangs out there for almost forever. It was extremely distracting, and all I could do was fixate on that fly crawling around on his face. The actor who plays Barnabas does his best to ignore it, never breaks character, and attempts to swat at it just before the camera cuts away. I'm glad that fly makes a cameo appearance, because it made me forget about Josette's Theme for a few minutes, and nothing "accidentally" caught fire.

I am going to attempt to watch something else. I may not have the strength, as I keep getting drawn back to Dark Shadows like an addict. Apparently there's this zombie television show that everyone's watching, and I might give that a try.

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