Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell

Stuff happens in this film, I suppose, but it's often too dark to see. From what I gather, two people drive to Ellivnatas in the dark while elevator music plays on the soundtrack, and when they get out of the car, torch-wielding villagers kill them, I think. It was hard to tell with all the darkness. Anyway, there was a high-speed Volkswagen chase, and an poorly realized devilish dream sequence, but it wasn't anything to write home about. If you're looking for fertilizing, blaspheming, or bombshells of any variety; you should probably look elsewhere. If you like watching people take long drives in the dark where the only thing on the screen for uncomfortably long periods of time are two headlights in the darkness, well, here's your movie. I watched Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell on Youtube on the Troma Channel, and it's recommended for people with insomnia.

Sorry, there doesn't seem to be a trailer.

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