Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Raven

This summer, I was going to watch all the big blockbuster films. That totally didn't work out. That would have involved effort, and I'm not great at that. It also involves leaving the house, and I'm not good at that either. And it involves spending money on something that I can do for almost free a few months later, if I can just be patient. Patience is another thing I'm not great at, however, cheapness overrides impatience. Seriously, after theater admission for the whole darn family, an enchilada dinner out somewhere, and a $12 box of Junior Mints; we're talking about an evening that could run thousands of dollars possibly. I'm not great at math. If I just cool my jets and wait a few months, I can pay per view that summer blockbuster for $4.99, buy several boxes of Junior Mints, and never leave the house. What is that, like ten bucks? I don't know, I have accountants for that.

Anyway, I took a break from obsessively watching a television soap opera I don't really like about what I thought was vampires but is really about a music box to watch The Raven.  In spite of an overwrought moment near the end, some distractingly unnecessary CGI, and some anachronistic forensic science and police work; I liked it. It had good art direction, good editing, and good costumes. There are some dark passageways, creepy candle-lit rooms, people getting buried alive, pits, pendulums, a little gore, and some arterial spray. I don't think there was a music box in it, so there's that. I pay-per-viewed The Raven, saving me literally millions of dollars in refreshments alone, or so I'm told from the accounting department. Here's a trailer:

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