Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Dark Shadows

I watched a few more episodes of Dark Shadows, and by "a few more" I mean "so many I've lost count and I've lost control of my life". Unfortunately, we're in the "romance" portion of the story, which is inevitable in soap operas, and by "romance" I mean "blackmailed into getting married because the groom knows you killed your first husband and buried him beneath the floor in the locked room which has caused you to become alienated from your daughter forcing her to become involved with a motorcycle thug named Buzz who talks like a beatnik". You know, that old chestnut. It's boring and romance-filled, which is boring. Honestly, I don't understand the need for romance in a gothic horror story when you've got ghosts and vampires and howling wolves and crypts and graveyards and widows flinging themselves from cliff-tops into the surf and jagged rocks below an ancient mansion. Isn't that far more interesting? Maybe it's just me. I could watch people opening creaking doors and walking down cobweb filled hallways all day long, but the instant some character starts going on about marriage plans I couldn't care less. Well, unless they fling themselves from a cliff-top while they're rambling on about their gift registry at Bed Bath And The Great Beyond. Then we've got something there. I watched Dark Shadows on Netflix, and I really should stop.

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