Thursday, June 26, 2014

Atomic Brain Invasion

A bunch of 30-year old teenagers battle creatures from outer space in this funny, clever, low-budget horror film parodying sci-fi films of the fifties. After a lengthy, ponytailed narrator's intro, something from outer space crashes to Earth and kills a secondary character wearing a poodle skirt. Another character gets doused in green and purple slime, and the thing that crashed to Earth turns out to be a tinfoil wrapped spaceship that plays Love Me Tender, I suppose. Elvis shows up for some reason, and people carry around an atomic bomb that looks like a painted volleyball. Then people rip open their skulls revealing their tiny brains on stalks.

Atomic Brain Invasion has a clever, screwball script, and funny dialogue. I could have done without the awkward musical numbers, but that's ok I guess.

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