Monday, June 2, 2014

The Murder Mansion

People get lost in the fog and find themselves at a dark, foreboding mansion in this slow-moving horror film. The Murder Mansion is sort of like a humorless Murder By Death. Hey, let's watch a clip from Murder By Death!

There are quite a few similarities. People drive cars in the fog. There's a mystery, and people end of murdered in a foreboding house. Hey, let's watch another clip from Murder By Death!

The Murder Mansion did have a cool moment when a guy was walking past the cemetery wielding a scythe. I think it's time for another clip from Murder By Death!

The first death doesn't happen until about an hour into The Murder Mansion, and it wasn't very interesting. There's a lot of subtext and an undead chauffeur. But it certainly is no Murder By Death. Here's a clip, but I guarantee you'll nearly die of boredom and just replay the Murder By Death clips.

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