Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Circus Of Fear

After a daring daytime robbery involving a boat, carabiners, and pantyhose, someone decides to hide the loot in a circus' winter quarters where Christopher Lee is a masked lion tamer, well, because that seems as good a place as any. Sooner than you can say, "Hey, carnies are getting bumped off with throwing knives", carnies get bumped off with throwing knives, and Christopher Lee wears that mask for almost the entire movie. Klaus Kinski sort of interviews for a circus job, and it's pretty much the worst job interview of all time, and no one seems to notice that it's Klaus Kinski interviewing for a circus job. I mean seriously, who would give that guy a job in the circus when he's has a bad track record with exotic animals?

Anyway, there's a hint of high-flying circus excitement, a bit of carny circus intrigue, and several camera shadows.

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