Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Weird World Of LSD

Everyday people cope with the horrors of mind-altering drugs and voiceover narration in this less-than-convincing drug scare film. A kid that looks a little like Jerry Mathers has a bum trip, hallucinates a cartoon chicken, and gets a bloody nose. Some dude makes a drug deal at the Golden Arches where people walk slowly and deliberately, then someone juggles cats. A chick puts the make on a mannequin, then a guy eats a disappointing cracker. Two women have some sort of argument, then a bosomy bar patron cuts her own blouse off with scissors and does a tabletop striptease in a desperate attempt to keep people watching this film. Someone else has a bad trip involving unconvincing monsters and meat cleavers, then there's some random drag-strip action and a Hawaiian dance routine. The Weird World Of LSD would probably drive most people to try the hallucinogenic drug just to relieve the boredom of actually watching it.

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