Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Woman Who Came Back

A woman comes back in this witchcrafty drama. Actually, if you want to get technical, two women come back briefly, but to call this film "Technically, Two Women Come Back Briefly" would be a slightly worse title than The Woman Who Came Back, and it would be difficult to fit that on a marquee. Anyway, a woman leaves town by bus, and she strikes up an awkward conversation with a 300-year old witch who claims to be her distant relative. Then the bus plunges over a cliff. The not-300-year old woman who suspiciously is the sole survivor of the bus crash comes back to town, and the suspicious, superstitious townspeople think she's a witch. Then a doctor says, "A body just doesn't disappear into thin air". I don't know an awful lot about witches or water, but I'm pretty sure the bus plunged into a lake and not thin air. I could be wrong, though.

Then she gets a present of a recently dead box of flowers, and someone says, "I don't understand why someone would drink tea". To liven things up, the woman goes to the county fair, then she kills a bowl full of goldfish with rat poison. I don't know a lot about witchcraft, but that just sounds like she's a garden variety poisoner to me, and not a witch. Does anyone have a duck I can borrow? Maybe we should watch that Monty Python clip again just to be sure.

Then an old man and a dog roll down a flight of stairs. I'm not entirely sure, but it might be witchcraft.

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