Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I, Frankenstein

A man wearing a trench coat who knows martial arts battles a bunch of guys in suits and flying monsters in an overly CGI'd landscape in an effort to save humanity. There's a technological Girl Friday, a wingback chair in a crumbling house, a bunch of bodies in pods, multiple biblical references, a subway scene, and at least one fall from a tall building. No, I'm not describing The Matrix, I'm describing I, Frankenstein, where a slightly scarred and mostly miscast Aaron Eckhart is surrounded by demons and gargoyles and action film cliches, and I don't know what it all has to do with Frankenstein other than the cast repeating the name and original storyline over and over again. I, Frankenstein is a really just an expensive episode of Charmed sans Alyssa Milano and the charm, and they should have called it Demons Vs. Gargoyles Vs. A Guy In A Hoody which would have made more sense, or Underworld: With A Dude.

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