Tuesday, December 9, 2014


After a failed attempt to halt global warming, the last survivors of a frozen Earth live crammed aboard a segregated non-stop train in this dystopic sci-fi film. Claustrophobic, dim, thrilling, and darkly humorous, Snowpiercer is simultaneously original, inventive, and very familiar. Borrowing liberally from The Odyssey, 1984, the Matrix, and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, the film shows a hero leading a band of warriors through brutality, oppression, and class separation in search of an unseen, mythic Big Brother. I was particularly alarmed by the shiny, happy 'egg sequence'. The protagonist arrives in a squeaky clean classroom compartment, as well-dressed children are indoctrinated through the use of sloganeering and patriotism from a pregnant teacher until the firearms appear. It's a fascinating, thought-provoking scene rich with allusion and symbolism in an exciting, action-packed film.

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