Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Invasion Of The Space Preachers

An alien crash lands on Earth and interrupts two nerds' camping trip in this sci-fi film that doesn't have many space preachers in it. Featuring wooden acting, an unconvincing space ship, an unconvincing alien that changes into a hot chick, hacky-sack, and at least one mime, Invasion Of The Space Preachers also features hippie dancing, offensive appalachian stereotypes, unconvincing spearfishing, acid-washed jeans, and stock animal footage. There's also The Amazing House Of Dung which isn't as good as it sounds, and a Grey Poupon joke. On the plus side, someone's head explodes, but Invasion Of The Space Preachers is exactly as exciting as a film about invading space preachers could possibly be.

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