Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dark Shadows: A Good One #116

Yeah, yeah. I know. I've already reviewed Dark Shadows. I don't recall if I gave it a "good" or "terrible" review, and I'm not going to try and search for the last review because that sounds a lot like effort. So you should probably just get past the whole thing. Anyway, I watched a few more episodes. There's some fog, and doors that slam on their own, and an old-fashioned spooky atmosphere, and camera shadows, and boom shadows, and a chandelier almost falls, and Carolyn's bangs make her face twitch, and actors stumble over their lines, and some of these things are intentional but I'm not telling you which ones. I watched it on Netflix Instant Streaming, and you should, too. Hurry, because Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are dead set on ruining it with a remake. Here's a link that will give you an idea of just how awful it's going to be:

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