Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Giant Gila Monster: Terrible Movies #193

Two kids hug in a jalopy, a rubber-suited hand unconvincingly pushes the car and its occupants into a ravine before the credits roll, then kids jitterbug at the malt shop and someone says, "Gimme a belt of that sody-pop" with no sense of shame in this Atomic Age giant creature film. There's some theremin, cutaways, forced perspective, a miniature train wreck, various hot rods, a lurking lizard, and several musical numbers. Do we have a clip? Let's roll it.

Yikes. It's the death of rock and roll. Let's just move on and forget that ever happened. Summing up, The Giant Gila Monster is awful and boring. Here's a trailer if you didn't get enough giant terrorizing creature action. I watched it on Youtube, and you probably shouldn't.

UPDATE: It was recently brought to my attention that the movie poster I grabbed from Youtube was actually of a mantis, and not a gila monster. I have rectified the situation with a new poster, but left the original for you to contrast and compare.


  1. Hey ... that's a picture of The Deadly Mantis.

  2. Ha! I never noticed. I pulled that photo from the Yahoo page. I'll attempt to replace it.