Friday, September 2, 2011

The Vampire Bat: Terrible Movies #180

The Vampire Bat is a film where Fay Wray is dragged kicking and screaming to the top of the Empire State Building by a gigantic primate. No, wait a minute. I'm confused. Which Fay Wray movie has people standing around talking about vampires without showing any? Is it this one? It is? Well, it isn't very good. This Fay Wray movie does have bats dangling from trees for a second, and liquids bubbling in beakers in some sort of laboratory, and dank castle-like sets, and a creepy atmosphere, and some cool Expressionistic visuals, and that guy who played Renfield in Dracula being chased by torch-wielding villagers, but you have 45 minutes of a 58 minute movie where nothing else really happens. If you're looking for vampires, look elsewhere. I watched it on Youtube, and you can watch it below.

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