Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transmorphers: Fall Of Man: Terrible Movies #191

Bruce Boxleitner's name is featured above the title in this low-budget ripoff of Transformers. I watched this one first and apparently it's a prequel to Transmorphers, but neither one makes a lot of sense so you can watch either and still not know exactly what's going on. If you're expecting me to start listing off all the continuity errors, you're out of luck. Every scene has them. There's a terrible script, terrible acting, and terrible CGI. There's bad hair, bad makeup, bad editing, and an awkward love scene with magenta satin sheet covered thrusting. It's unintentionally humorous from beginning to end. Watch it if you're feeling mean and you would just like to point at something and laugh.

It's on Netflix Instant Streaming. Here's a trailer that consists largely of black screen, robots that change from one dumb thing to another dumb thing, and unconvincing running.

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