Monday, September 26, 2011

The Search For Bridey Murphy: A Good One #120

The Search For Bridey Murphy is the story of Virginia Tighe (named Ruth Simmons in the novel and film) who undergoes hypnotic regression and recounts an earlier incarnation as a 19th century Irishwoman. So Theresa Wright sits on a couch with her eyes closed and tells extravagant tales of the 1800's while people stand around and watch, and you start to become very, very drowsy...and your eyes begin to droop...well, at least mine did. And you fall into a deep, deep sleep. Well, at least I did. Then I woke up about an hour later, and Therea Wright was still there with her eyes closed talking in an Irish accent. The fact I fell asleep is somewhat unusual because I have the uncanny ability to stay awake through even the most boring film. Now I'm a little concerned that I may have been hypnotized. I think I might have been Theresa Wright in another life. Don't worry. The instant I start thanking everyone for my 1941 Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for Mrs. Miniver, I'll seek out some help. You can't deny there's a slight resemblance, with the beard and the horns and what-have-you. It's eerie.

In full disclosure, I didn't finish this movie, I don't want to, and you can't make me. The parts I recall were OK, so I'm giving it a passing grade but I wouldn't exactly recommend it. I snored through it while it played on Netflix.

Sorry, no clip.

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