Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transmorphers: Terrible Movies #192

Here's the plot: In a ripoff of both Transformers and The Matrix, man now lives underground, wears swimming goggles, and bickers because robots ruined the planet. Thankfully, man decided to build Burlington Coat Factories underground so everyone can wear distractingly inconsistent black leather jackets. If you're looking for some hot Transmorphing action, and you would be because the movie is titled Transmorphers, look elsewhere. But then again, no one would want to see a film titled "Begoggled Actors Line-Read And Pettily Argue" because that's nearly as bad a title as Transmorphers, even though it's far more accurate. I watched it on Netflix Instant Streaming. Here's an action-filled trailer, which has a lot more action than the movie does:

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