Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Doc Of The Dead

The history of zombies, from their earliest incarnations as somnambulists and voodoo slaves through today's fleet-footed brain munchers, Doc Of The Dead features interviews with Bruce Campbell, George Romero, and Simon Pegg. It was well-shot and funny, and I enjoyed the zombie vignettes. Did you know there was a Haitian law that says, 'the use of any substance capable of producing a prolonged state of lethargy is strictly prohibited'? I didn't either, as I'm not a Haitian lawyer. My family often argues about who would survive a zombie apocalypse, and I'm always considered the first to go. It's not because I am unfamiliar with hardship. It's not because I'm not cool in a crisis. It's not because I'm trained in several martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. It's because I have a bad back and I'm easily distracted. When running from zombies, I would most certainly duck into the first looted record store or bakery I find, and that's where they believe I would meet my doom. I can't really argue that, as I can envision myself hunched over, back thrown out, gorging myself on stale cupcakes as the undead horde descends upon me, eager to feast on my brain. They might have a point.

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