Monday, August 25, 2014

Galaxy Of Terror

Sid Haig, Robert Englund, and Joanie from Happy Days star in this mystical Alien ripoff. Featuring blinking lights, toggle switches, leather recliners, and the microphone in the upper left hand corner of the frame about 5 minutes in, Laura Palmer's mother from Twin Peaks pilots a spaceship to a planet for some reason, and honestly, I like the cut of her jib. She's no nonsense and nonsensical, and I like that in my spaceship pilots.

Anyway, there's also exposed brains, incinerated corpses, rubber tentacles, outer space costumes that seem to be fashioned from long johns, poor lighting so no one can see how cheap the sets are, a severed arm crawling with maggots, very little plot, and Ray Walston.

Speaking of being raped by an enormous, orifice-y space caterpillar, someone is raped by an enormous, orifice-y space caterpillar. Suddenly, the main monster shows up, which has glowing eyes and a slightly dewy complexion, however, it's not very interesting, but it is somewhat brief. After an unconvincing fight scene involving some lol-worthy space kung fu and a lol-worthy somersault, there's a lol-worthy Happy Days-related head explosion. Galaxy Of Terror is really awful, kind of boring, and recommended if you like stuff that sucks.

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