Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Serial Killer Culture

Handheld camerawork and abrupt editing mar this macabre, grisly documentary about the 'safe danger' of collecting artwork from serial killers. Overlong, surprisingly boring for the subject matter, and lurid, like an accident on the highway Serial Killer Culture's tabloid-like subtlety grips the viewer and demands they continue to watch, even when they shouldn't. I felt conflicted watching this documentary, as several graphic crime scene photos were shown in gory close-up, and I'm not entirely convinced the collectors' denials of exploiting victims were 100% genuine. With no victim's family members interviewed for their feelings on the subject, the film is biased towards the so-called collectors of 'murderabilia'. However, the collectors make a valid point, that these monstrous crimes are part of history. The media fixated on them, and we have only ourselves to blame for the continued proliferation and oversaturation of 'true crime' stories, because we refuse to stop watching. However, if we allowed them to justifiably be forgotten and no longer examined the crimes of these murderers, we wouldn't have Psycho or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The crimes may have lapsed into our shared history, but the fascination with serial killers lives on.

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