Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fat Slags

Former factory workers from Northern England travel to London where an American billionaire features them in a fashion show which catapults them to fame and fortune, which then causes their lives to ultimately crumble around them in this tragic Shakespearean drama reminiscent of works by David Lean, Mike Leigh, Emeric Pressburger, and Noel Coward. The subtle intricacies of interpersonal relationships are finely portrayed in this Merchant/Ivory-esque drama, as jealousies rage in the inevitable love triangle which develops and eventually slides into tragedy; as a chihuahua is crushed, sped-up stock animal footage is featured, neon track suits are worn, and Whitney Houston is covered on Top Of The Pops. Somehow inexplicably ignored by the BAFTAs and sitting on the Bottom 100 at IMDB, Fat Slags features an award-worthy performance by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, where she eats a slice of cake as big as her head.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to embed that video, so here's a droll clip featuring thespian Dolph Lundgren.


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