Friday, September 26, 2014

The Boxer's Omen

A kickboxing monk battles an evil magician in this stylish, action-packed Shaw Brothers horror film.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Actually, this review is all spoilers.

I'm beginning to try to make my way through this list of weirdest movies ever made, and I was very doubtful they could be all that weird.

Well, the gauntlet is thrown with this Shaw Brothers film, as it hauls out everything but the kitchen sink in order to bewilder, shock, offend, and freak out the viewer. It succeeds. I loved it.

There's kickboxing, someone getting suspended upside down with their head in a bucket of water, golden floating apparitions, a rainbow disc that attaches itself to someone's forehead causing their skin to balloon and bats to crawl out of their mouth, rat eating, people climbing walls, evil spirits, spiders, snakes, poison darts in the eyes, glowing smoldering corpses, someone vomiting an eel, someone covered in leeches, chicken sacrifice, a monk being strangled by the neck veins of a severed levitating head, alligator dissection, banana peel regurgitation, and maggots pouring from someone's eye sockets.

The Boxer's Omen is highly recommended, but it's highly recommended you don't watch it while high.

Here's a NSFC (not safe for chickens) trailer.

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