Friday, September 19, 2014

The Fearmaker

An opera singer returns to her castle in Mexico in this sudsy thriller that contains very few fearmakers of any variety, however, it does have a foggy cemetery, a shoving match at a paparazzi-filled funeral, baying dogs, howling winds, stock thunder and lightning, billowing curtains, many camera shadows, and lots of day-for-night scenes. Candles seem to blow out by themselves, a guy in a wheelchair plummets down a hill into a pile of rocks, and everyone in the cast lurks in the shadows at least once. A dog with a case of medically-induced double vision eats a chicken dinner, and then seems to experience some traumatic dog memories. The Fearmaker does have quite a WTF ending involving a high-speed convertible chase in the rain and a very realistic and important-to-the-plot dummy being thrown off a bridge, which then culminates in a confusing morgue full of corpses. Why there's a morgue full of corpses I'd like to know, and I'd be really disappointed if they were killed by the Fearmaker offscreen.

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