Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Twilight In Volterra

I've been a little busy lately. Viewing submissions for a film festival has taken up a lot of my time. I've also had to do a lot of stuff around Deathrage Towers, and that really sucked. I also watched a few movies for publication in my next book which will have 100 never-before-published reviews, provisionally titled "Stabford Deathrage Goes To Hell And Drags You Along With Him", but it's not carved in stone, and you'll have to wait for those. And work has been a drag, too. So here are a couple of reviews to keep you satisfied for the time being.

Twilight In Volterra

What starts out as a promotional travel video for the ancient Etruscan town of Volterra in Italy turns into a fawning documentary with interviews of fans of the Twilight vampire novels. Featuring lovely shots of the city's stone arches, narrow alleys, clock tower, and sinister catacombs, the documentary begins to discuss stories of 'dark presences', but drops it just as it begins to become interesting. As I'm not familiar with the book, and have only seen one entry in the Twilight saga and found it to be quite terrible, I found myself wanting to turn on a good movie about vampires.

Neither fulfilling for fans of the book or people planning a trip to the quaint Italian town, I would avoid Twilight In Volterra, as it contains no vampires at all.

The Hunt For The Abominable Snowman

Well, hate to spoil it, but they don't find him. Featuring shots of snowy Nepal and very few snowmen, abominable or otherwise, Hunt For The Abominable Snowman is another fairly decent documentary for National Geographic. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a trailer for this speculative documentary, so enjoy this instead.

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