Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Evidence: Top Ten UFO Sightings

Regardless of what your documentary is about, I instantly throw whatever shred of belief I had in the subject matter out the window if the narrator pronounces the word nuclear "noo-cue-lar". I don't care if you're talking about reactors, or string theory, or little green men from outer space; it is not acceptable to pay someone good money to narrate your film and then have them incorrectly pronounce nuclear. You might as well have subtitles below the action on the screen telling the audience, "Disregard everything I'm saying. Turn on something else." Seriously, they could be interviewing a live alien as he's (she's? it's?) walking down the runway from their craft wearing a little sign that reads "I'm a totally real alien from outer space. Come down to the spaceship and I'll give you five bucks and a bag of Reese's Pieces", and someone would say "nucular" and I would have to say "Yeah, like I'm going to believe a huge pile like that. They're probably selling time-shares".

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