Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

No one believes a woman after she witnesses a murder in this early giallo film. The Girl Who Knew Too Much has some very interesting stark black and white cinematography, but the plot is a little meh. Actually, this review is a little meh. Here's the family had all fallen asleep in the movie viewing room, and they were all stretched out on the furniture and I had nowhere to sit. Normally, this would cause me great consternation. I was feeling unusually charitable, and I decided not to throw a gigantic frothy-mouthed raving fit and let everyone sleep. So I made myself comfortable flat on my back on the floor in front of the television. I had a large pillow under my head and a nice down throw over me. My feet jutted from under the throw at the bottom, but that was ok. It was nice. I really should lie on the floor more often. Anyway, I settled in to 86 minutes of giallo. From the corner of my eye, I see a dark shape very near my head. I hear a quiet purring. The cat, who is not allowed to be near me due to allergies, decided that the urge to sit in the middle of my chest was entirely too great, and she was moving not only into my personal space but also into certain doom. She stealthily crept in the room and was trying to climb on me as if I would never notice. I turned my head and gave her the death-stare, and she slunk back out of the room. I continued my movie. I again feel a looming presence. The cat has begun climbing over me to grab the best seat in the house, which is apparently my head, blocking my view of the movie. So I can only assume that a portion of this film has something to do with the north end of a south bound cat.

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