Monday, November 26, 2012

El Bulli: Cooking In Progress

Eel. Ray. Champignon. Obulato. Chervil. Yuzu. Brain. Tendon. Marrow. Cartilage. These are only some of the exotic ingredients used at El Bulli, the Michelin 3-Star restaurant in Spain that is known for its imaginative and avant-garde haute cuisine. Ingredients are freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed, and flash-frozen; and formed into ices, gels, and foams. The chefs experiment, research, and develop dishes for 6 months during the time the restaurant is closed. They also feast and bicker. El Bulli: Cooking In Progress was beautifully shot, and I enjoyed its zen-like, nearly music-free presentation where all you hear is the ambient noise of the working restaurant.

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