Friday, November 30, 2012

You just can't get good help nowadays....

Welcome Boing Boing-ers! My blog has gotten an uptick of readers from Boing Boing because I had to comment on one of their music-related posts. They posted a video of a pretty cool tune paired with clips from the film Horrors Of Snape Island, and I just couldn't let something like that go.

I don't normally comment on things because I'm incredibly busy being a billionaire industrialist and being incredibly self-absorbed. My public relations department generally handles such things. Speaking of the PR department, everyone in the PR department at Deathrage Industries is getting an early Krampusnacht holiday bonus, and by "bonus" I really mean "fired and shoved down an open elevator shaft". Yet again, I have been overlooked in Forbes' Richest 15, and I didn't hear about it until just now.

What the heck is up with that? Mr. Monopoly? Really? That guys owes me $20. Charles Foster Kane? I'm certain he had something to do with me being left off the list after I told him I bought a slightly singed sled from someone on E-Bay and now he doesn't return my calls, and by "my calls" I mean my "executive assistant's calls" because I don't make calls I pay people to make calls. Speaking of paying people, I now have several openings in the public relations department at Deathrage Industries.

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