Monday, November 19, 2012

The Man Without A Body

A scientist discovers he has a brain tumor and logically decides to have the head of Nostradamus grafted on to his body in place of the old tumor-filled one in this nonsensical W. Lee Wilder film. So of course Ol' Nostradamus' head is on a table just as fresh as a daisy after hundreds of years after his death speaking English which is just fine, and everyone wears lab coats to look all science-y, and there are all sorts of scientific looking tubes and blinking lights, and you're not at all supposed to question why an old dude with a head full of tumors who only has seconds to live chases a young dude down the street because that seems pretty unlikely. Maybe I don't know an awful lot about the treatment of tumors, but I would think a full sprint is probably contraindicated for the patient if the only reasonable course of action is a complete head transplant. Anyway, after what seems like months of movie they finally stick the Nostradamus head on the body of the lab assistant because accidents happen and the thing starts lumbering around and then the movie ends and not a moment too soon. The whole thing is a total bummer, and if I had the prescience of Nostradamus I probably wouldn't have watched it, but it's too damn late now. Live and learn. Here's a trailer:

Well, I certainly didn't see that coming. For some reason, the only thing that comes up if you search "The Man Without A Body" is the music video Karma Chameleon by 1980s pop sensation Culture Club. I don't know why, and I don't think I want to know. And now you have Karma Chameleon stuck in your head, and it's probably lethal and the only known cure is a complete head transplant. I wouldn't recommend Boy George's though, because last time I checked his head looked a little like a melting candle.

Yep, I was afraid of that.

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