Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Amazing Transparent Man: Terrible Movies #129

A guy escapes prison, catches a lift from a dame in a car as big as an aircraft carrier, dodges the fuzz, and travels to a farmhouse where other crooks talk and talk and talk about scientific experiments. With the help of dubious mechanical instruments that flash and blink, they turn a guinea pig invisible and back again. They then remark to each other about the machine's "infinite possibilities", but then I remark to myself that the machine appears to have only one, which is turning things invisible and back again. Maybe that's just my viewpoint, however. Anyway, everyone talks some more, double cross one another, and then the dame is suddenly wearing a huge diaphanous nightgown and carrying a pistol for some reason. Other than actors pretending there's an invisible man in the room and seeing the straps holding a bag full of money being "carried" by an invisible man that are attached to a table, not much else happens. Intensely boring and seems months longer than a 58 minute runtime. On Netflix Instant Streaming. Here's the trailer:

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